website-conceptInfinite scrolling is a term used to load additional content in a web page without using the scroll bar to get to the bottom of the page. Infinite scrolling helps in auto download of content and is very effective considering the massive data content to be preloaded. This method promotes user friendly and responsive experience for the visitors. The concept of infinite scrolling is most commonly used in social media websites like Facebook and Twitter as these websites need frequent updating of content. Infinite scrolling technology also has its share of disadvantages. It is difficult to achieve goal oriented design using this technique as it involves continuous streaming of auto downloadable data. This in turn distracts the visitor from the actual goal. With the use of excessive scrolling or infinite scrolling as the name suggests, even the simply designed website becomes more complicated for visitors to scroll through endlessly. Many top companies have used this concept of infinite design for their websites. Google images have used this technique to fetch images based on the search and auto downloads the images for the user. When web pages have a defined start and end point, it becomes easier for the user to read and navigate through the website.

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