A good website design has to be designed in such a way that it has a good user experience and has a responsive design in place. Depending on your business needs and strategy you can deploy parallax scrolling or infinite scrolling. Parallax scrolling is ideal when used for simple video games that creates a two dimensional image of object motion. Parallax scrolling usage promotes longer visits for your web page and looks every bit attractive. However if over done with clumsy design elements, it will create a cluttered look for your website and there by distracts the visitor. Infinite scrolling is another concept in web design in which the content of the website are downloaded automatically to prevent the usage of scroll bar by the visitor. This method is very effective in a way that takes lesser time to download data and images. Again, depending on your business strategy you can determine the appropriateness of this method. This concept is very useful in websites that require constant and very frequent updating of content. A good example of this would be Facebook, Twitter and Google Images. The cons of infinite scrolling are exhaustion, temptation, distraction and unreachable content. Before using these two concepts in your design, analyze which works best for your business after weighing in both pros and cons of these two techniques.

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