When it comes to the design of websites the aspect of landing page looks very challenging. A landing page is different from homepage. A landing page is specially designed to send advertising traffic to the websites for the targeted audience. Instead of dumping these ads in the homepage one can send them in the targeted page which is exclusively used for selling products and services. People wish to design landing page in order to sell or tell something to the browsers. If one wants to sell wide range of products numbering over hundred all of them cannot be dumped into the home pages of the prospective clients. Hence one has to create specific ads for specific product and then target the landing page. This is an important aspect of designing the landing pages while designing the websites for commercial purpose. One has to make a landing page that talk about a specific niche, product or service. One should not put all the eggs in one basket. Make the landing page as simple as possible. However one should not oversimplify which does not catch any attention. It is always suggested to use the button bigger for better clicks. But to not make it too large or even do not hide it either in any case.

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