There is a lot of talk, including fluff, on the Internet on how to hire a good search engine optimization consulting expert or company. Unfortunately, practically everyone is quiet on how to discard a SEO consulting company. And yet, that’s a piece of essential knowledge to survive.


Here is a list highlighting when to discard a SEO consultation company.

Initially, if the company is non-transparent about the work method: Any consultant SEO company should be transparent about the work methodology. You would not want to discover on in the middle of the work process that something unethical or undesirable is being done to our website, either by changing its content (on-page SEO) or by creating undesirable links (off-page SEO) or undesirable social buzz (negative promotions).


Initially, if the company is not clear on pricing: The SEO consultation and process charges must be specified clearly at the onset of the process. If the company hides behind a cover when you ask for an expected budget then do not opt for this company. An estimate is fine, even if the actual amount is difficult.


Initially, if the company is not clear on guarantees: Clarify the guarantees before you being. Else, simply walk away from the deal.


On-the-fly, if the company does not seem to be working enough: Monitor often enough whether the company is working on your site. Double-check on whether links and social signals are being worked upon. Ask for regular reports if they agree to. If not, track the rank progression of your site – there should be a fairly consistent upward movement.


On-the-fly, if the company is coming up with excuses of not ranking within proposed timeframe: SEO is unpredictable and not ranking within an estimated time to the tee is fine (although there should be a decent rank in place by the time the proposed timeframe gets over). However, if the company tells long stories about why the rank was not achieved or gives excuses, do not mercy – it probably signals something wrong at their end which may correspond to guilt of not having worked properly. If they simply say they are working on it and prove that they are, then some delay is tolerable because of the very nature of SEO.


Post-ranking but during maintenance, if the site loses rank and you find the company to be idle: If you have outsourced the rank maintenance activity to the SEO consultation company then get regular reports and make sure that they are working on it. Remaining idle on rank maintenance is usually caught late and can be a disaster in the long term. Remain proactive in tracking this.


Hope these clear guidelines on when to discard a search engine optimization consulting company will provide you with a guideline of keeping up the work standards on your website, as done by your SEO services provider.

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