Management experts say that a picture is equivalent to thousand words. Medical experts endorse this statement and scientifically prove that eye nerves are more abundant than the auditory nerves from the eyes. Knowing this undisputed principle website designers around the world create a combined text and visual contents to make a fabulous and attractive websites to their clients. With the growing popularity of the online businesses even the smallest online businessmen prefer to create exclusive images of his or her products and services in order to attract substantial customers over the World Wide Web. Besides meeting the SEO parameters in making the websites in higher level rankings, there are several abstract features are known to be essential in attracting a huge volume of meaningful traffic to the commercial websites. Visual contents like videos, images, pictures. Flash and other animated banners form a part and parcel of a successful website in terms of making huge profits as well creating a brand loyalty o the products and services. Visual symbols in the products like Nike, Microsoft, tweeter, show simplicity but powerful image that can cannot be forgotten by the customers. When it comes to retention images in the homepages play a significant role in getting more visitors.

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