Designing a website is often seen as an exercise which requires a lot of inputs from different sources and it is primarily seen as a programmers job to do it. This is changing an it is changing fast. With people becoming more and more tech savvy and getting hang of available technology, making a website is no longer limited to professionals. This is where services such as joomla come in. these are a group of websites that are designed in such a way that it makes designing a website of your own a walk in the park. It is a dedicated websites that depend on a set of given parameters and templates that dynamically change when and as you add data into it. These enable the common public to make a website without having any kind of programming background. There are multiple design templates and design techniques where the user can come in and pick the ones he likes and design a website h=hat is both intuitive and is easy to make. Joomla also offers a set of dashboard pages where the people are getting the latest information about the current status of their site and take action accordingly.

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