Continued from previous part, in which we discussed consulting and marketing with SEO and paid traffic…


Offline marketing – newspaper: Newspapers are one of the most traditional methods of advertisements. Unlike the modern day online marketing where the SEO marketing services consultants will play a critical role, you can publish your newspaper advertisements to reach out to a mass population. In fact, this is a method which still works well for the local physical businesses, even if they have online presences. However, the online search marketing remains more effective as it will produce traffic day-in-and-day-out unlike a single-day newspaper ad that you will have to pay for again if you want to remarket it. So newspaper ads are great but they do not scale unless you keep investing daily. The investment may be significant, depending upon the newspaper you are running the ad on.


Offline marketing – yellow pages: Yellow pages is another great way to market your site to the interested customers. The only catch is that you are equally visible there compared to your competitors. There’s no single way that will make you more visible than others offering the same product or service. With SEO marketing services online, you can outrank others and appear ahead of your competitors which has been proven to give you a healthy competitive edge time and over again.


Offline marketing – flyers: Yet another way to market a business is to distribute flyers. The flyers will contain the address of your business, including the website URL. In fact, if your business is purely online then the website URL and possibly your email will be the main contact points disclosed on the flyers. These flyers will be used to sell the product or service that you hope to sell. Flyers have been known to enjoy unpredictable success levels – some of the success being great and some not being that much. So it can be a hit-or-miss case with flyers.



Now you know the risk, exposure and possible eturns for each of these marketing methods. Clearly, if you are starting out, then the SEO marketing services online can help you significantly by getting your site ranked. The single biggest advantage of search marketing: SEO gives you recurring new traffic with almost no fresh work done over and over again except for a little bit of monthly maintenance work that your SEO marketing services company can easily take care of.

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