Search engine optimization is a great school of art with an extremely wide audience. In fact, studies show that for every ten websites built, almost nine have engaged in some sort of activity to improve their ranks on search engines like Google. Of course, with Google having only 10 slots on the first page, only 10 websites will be successful in getting the top ranks at any instant of time, for a given keyword.


If you are looking to rank your website in the top ten for your chosen keyword then you will have to beat a number of competitors. This will take some time and effort, as the others are also battling for the same few slots. So let us now understand the three main verticals of obtaining SEO ranks on Google.


On-page SEO

The content and other on-page factors such as the page titles, URLs and keyword structuring (including factors like Latent Semantic Index (LSI) and TF-IDF) need to be optimized. A good SEO company will easily be able to make your page optimized in such a manner that you will obtain SEO page ranking not only for the keyword that you were primarily targeting for the page but also for other keywords that you would probably not have even thought of ranking for.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the next activity vertical. This is about establishing trust from other websites. This focuses on obtaining backlinks towards your website coming from other websites. Links coming from authority websites help. Also, links with a good distribution of anchor text, including LSI and missing anchor text, and diversity of follow tags helps. The links will come from a diverse range of sources, including blog posts, articles, videos, press releases and Web 2.0 sites, to name a few among many.


Social Signals

There are a number of ways that social signals are becoming important. An important on-page social signal indicator is the page authorship. Google has started focusing on knowledge-graphs these days and entity analytics is playing a crucial role. Off-page social signal comprises of social activities including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platform activities. Then, there are social bookmarks and social sentiment mining based computations.


In order to attain the best of Google ranking optimization results, you need to work on all the three above. A consistent work with the right ratio of optimization and right degree of smartness will raise your ranks. You will be able to enjoy the rich benefits for a long time to come.

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