The very nature of SEO – time-taking but extremely fruitful and remunerative if done successfully – often drives business owners to choose SEO agencies that are not the best ones to select. In this blog post, I shall highlight three of the biggest mistakes that business owners make most frequently in their processing of selecting a SEO agency for their business.


Ranking portfolio: It is critical that you make sure that you choose one of the SEO services agencies with a good client ranking portfolio. You will be able to find this by looking at their social proof pages, in which they will cite live websites of their clients that they have earned ranks for. Make it a point to manually go and verify that the ranks that they claim for their client websites actually tally with what you see. If they claim they ranked their clients, then it should be easy for you to go to the search engine (usually Google) and type the keyword that they claim to rank for – and then check whether the website that the company claims to have ranked actually exists on the ranks. Newbies often do not realize how important this is, and that often leads to a horrible business experience for the unlucky ones.


Rank building technique: Look at how the set of SEO marketing agencies build the ranks. Use the one that has the best diversity possible. This is because you would never want to rely upon one single method of ranking – that makes the rank volatile and susceptible to SEO algorithm changes. Diversity is critical. The service portfolio needs to span across on-page ranks, off-page link building of a variety of types with a variety of anchor text options, and social signal generation. Many newbies don’t want to understand how the rank is built, and subsequently many of them suffer dire business consequences in the longer run.


Transparency of services: Make sure that there’s no hidden clause. For example, beware of the differences of upfront and monthly fees. Then, make sure that you know how many days the SEO agency expects your website to rank on Google. After that, find whether the search engine optimization agency is also offering a rank stability guarantee – that, the rank will remain stable for say 20 or 30 days after completion of service. Many newbies do not appreciate that rank boosts can be temporary, and hence fail to look for this sort of a guarantee and all these transparency factors.


Clearly, you would want to avoid all of these mistakes so that the SEO services company that you choose delivers the best that you would want them to.

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