Many newbie webmasters start looking to get help of SEO services agencies without even understanding whether they require it. Take the following short quiz to understand whether you require one.


What is your potentially main marketing method?


1. Marketing online on search engine to get organic traffic


1. Social network marketing


2. Paid traffic based marketing


3. Promoting on offline channels such as television ads, newspaper ads and flyers


If you answered (a) then you may require optimizing your website to be optimized for search engines. You may need the help of a SEO services agency in this case.


2. What do you expect your revenue stream source to be?


1. Affiliate marketing of physical/digital products


2. Advertisement (Adsense, CPA etc.)


3. Selling your own digital products


4. Selling your own physical products


If you answered any of (a), (b) or (c) then you would want to seriously look at running SEO campaigns on your website. On the other hand if you said (d) then the web marketing agency that you require should cover both SEO and other forms of SEM and social marketing activities.


3. What is your risk appetite and risk tolerance?


1. Comfortable in a high-risk setting and have the budget for it, so want to start profiting right from this evening


2. Comfortable in a high-risk setting but right now don’t have much budget to invest though have some, but want to invest and make money going forward


3. Don’t want to risk much, prefer playing for solid long-term financial benefits


If your answer is any of (b) or (c) then look at SEO seriously – seek suggestions of a professional SEO services provider to find whether you have enough budgets and enough potential long-term financial benefit with your website.


4. What is your passive marketing plan?


1. Want to remain only in active marketing


2. Prefer to mix passive and active revenues, so that there could be times when you don’t actively work on your website (or work on another website or business) and still make money passively


3. Prefer only to market passively


If you answered (a) then paid marketing like PPC, social media marketing and offline marketing such as newspaper ads and flyers are for you. But if you want any bit of passive income and passive traffic stream to your website then consider using a website marketing agency that will help you perform Google search engine optimization and get your site ranked for ongoing profits.


I hope you found this quiz useful. Please get in touch using the contact info on this site if you feel I can help you any further with your marketing plans.

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