We talk about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) often enough. And many of us loosely associate the two with the same process – little realizing the difference between the two. However, SEO and SEM are different albeit overlapping. And so are the services built around them.


Search Engine Optimization Seo Services



SEO and SEM, both are core constituents of search engine optimization marketing services. SEO is about optimizing your website for search engine organic ranks. Search engine optimization, SEO services included, will not worry about the cost of getting a single visitor to your site.
The process will get you close to zero visitors initially. But once it succeeds and you are on the front page of Google (or whichever other search engine you rank for), it will give you a hoard of organic visitors. There will be no incremental cost to gain a particular visitor. The same applies also for local search engine optimization services and its outcomes.



On the other hand, search engine marketing services will focus to do SEM – that is, to market your website using all the possible venues of search engines. So the process of SEM in theory would cover SEO, but will focus on getting other visitors also. The most remarkable one is the PPC (pay per click) kind of visitor. Here, you would pay the search engine (say, Google) to list your site among the list of sponsored sites on the first page.


The actual listing will not require you to pay any money to Google. But every time some visitor clicks on the website, you will have to pay for the visitor to have clicked on your advertisement. The payment will be made by you to Google. This will give you instant visitors rather than waiting for your site to rank, unlike SEO. But the downside is that unless you know how to make money out of your visitors, you will begin with an upfront loss and keep losing money till you have no more to spend. Also, the moment you stop spending, you will not get a single visitor from PPC. So it’s all short-term – there is no long-term leverage of today’s efforts here unlike SEO.


SEM is a combination of SEO, PPC and all other search engine marketing methods.



You would surely want to focus on search engine optimization and SEO services will help you do exactly that. If you already know how to monetize your traffic then you could think of adding PPC to have an all-round picture of your search engine marketing process. But if you are just starting out, then look for availing professional search engine optimization services as the potential of earnings with a consistent front-page Google rank is significant.

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