Parallax scrolling is a method in which object motion is captured from different angles to create an illusion of background images moving slower than the foreground images. This technique was earlier used in two dimensional video images to create visual fantasy among users. The concept of parallax design is now being used in website design too. This offers great visual effects for your website. Parallax scrolling can be done in four different methods. They are layer method, sprite method, repeating pattern or animation method and raster method. Usage of parallax scrolling in website design has several advantages. It enhances the credibility of the website, offers interactive user experience, longer page visits, enables call to action, easy content delivery, attractive and incredible visual effect, lower bounce rates and SEO friendly. Incorporating this parallax design to your website design is very easy. When using this method, always give importance to page depth and keep the design simple. Avoid creating cluttered designs that would look clumsy for the visitors. Placing of call to action buttons appropriately in the navigation area will kindle the interest of the user. Parallax scrolling is great but it also has its own set of disadvantages. Some of which are longer download speed, excessive scrolling and not compatible with all browsers. However, if designed appropriately keeping in mind these advantages, parallax scrolling method will surely be a hit for your websites.


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