A lot of advertisements have, of late, been floating around in the online arena, coming from search engine optimization consulting companies all over the world. “SEO Consultant India” and “SEO Consultant London” are no longer really “foreign-sounding” words for us any longer. These have almost literally become items that are flashed in front of the business owners’ eyes all the time.


So, the core question is, does it matter if you hire a SEO consultancy firm locally? Or will you remain safe by outsourcing SEO services to India or UK or any other foreign country for that matter?


The short answer to this is it does not matter where you are hiring your consultant from. It matters significantly on what you are hiring with as the binding clause. The clause of agreement (binding clause) will make all the difference at the end of it, not the origin of the provider.
If you ever feel uncomfortable while making your deal with a SEO consulting agency then simply ask them for proof of their proficiency. They will be happy to furnish proof. That’s a fairly simple task.


However, if you feel that you are not getting a good deal, then that’s certainly something you would want to worry about. The deal needs to be good from a number of aspects.


The monetary investment should be reasonable – you would simply not want to invest fortunes into a service without knowing how they are going to perform. If needed, pay in more than one phase rather than paying the entire money upfront.


The approximate time taken to rank must be specified before the work begins. You would simply not want to hear a never-ending story of missed deadlines simply because a desirable agreement was not made at the beginning.


The nature of service should be white-hat. You would not want your search engine consulting farm to invest your money into questionable avenues of getting backlinks or creating social stamps – they are likely to backfire. Make sure that the services you receive are clean and well-accepted in the SEO industry by the subject matter experts.


Finally, make sure that the payment processor you are comfortable in using is supported by the SEO services vendor before you start. There is nothing worse than abandoning the SEO efforts in the middle as it may harm the site more than help.


So it does not matter if your SEO consulting agency is based in London in UK or Calcutta in India. Do make sure to create an agreement and do make sure that you are in sync with them always to avoid any misunderstanding and project slippages.

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