Today, I am going to present an interesting case study that a site of one of my clients – a lady running a small business (a certain kind of pet and accessories shop in a London suburb) had been a part of. I had landed the client while she was looking for an affordable SEO service, and had come across my site offering my SEO service. The SEO consultant rates that she was looking for was what I thought to be reasonable, so I had no problem in accepting her as a client.


Within my first few email exchanges with her, I realized that she is in two minds about using my services. I asked her in my response in a bold and clear tone (written note on email) whether she finds something uncomfortable about my service.  Her answer is something that I shall not forget in a jiffy.


“I have worked with three SEO consultants before this, across two sites. The first site was my original one, and the SEO agency had not been able to rank it after trying for nine months. The second one, albeit a cheap search engine optimization services provider, had wanted my permission to do rapid link building. I had asked them to go ahead, with a rather naïve belief that surely a company with such a nice-looking website knows their business. Within a month, my site was thrown out of Google. It got de-indexed. That was in late April, 2012.


Then, after trying for two more months, I sacked the company before the end of June. At the same time, I hired another company. This was a SEO consultant in UK. Being from my local market and coming from the reference of my friend who runs her child charity website, I was hopeful about them. They asked me to dump my original website and get a new one.


So I had to invest a ton in getting that done. It got done fast – in a matter of less than a week. The new company – the London SEO consultant – seemed to be excited and said that they will rank in less than 45 days, with a firm guarantee. I waited. But the 45 days passed. 60 days also passed. At the end of August, I sacked them. I was nowhere in the ranks – I was on the 27th page of Google.”


Are you surprised that she was hesitating even though she was still looking for a SEO consultant?


Luckily, she spoke to me on Skype and decided to give me a try. I knew that for her keyword, a month was enough for me to rank. She is now happily on the first page of Google UK for her chosen niche and chosen keyword.


It is interesting and dismaying, both at the same time, that choosing the wrong SEO consultant and wrong kind of Google search engine rank building methods, she had to throw away her entire precious old website and had no option but to get a new site.

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