The usage of CSS styling in web design has numerous advantages. It eliminates redundancy, promotes accessibility, easy reformatting, flexibility, easy enhancement, printer friendly, increased download speed and SEO friendly. The biggest advantage of using CSS animations is that you can define each and every stage in different style declaration. Some of the commonly used properties of CSS animations are animation-name, animation-duration, animation-delay, animation-iteration-count, animation-timing-function and animation-fill-mode. When using CSS animations, you can also add multiple animations by using a simple comma separator. This CSS animation technique is industry standard and it saves you from coding redundancy for your web pages. This type of styling is light weight, meaning, it can be quickly downloaded. You can also perform a number of tasks using CSS animations. Some of which are creating fades, customizing text indention, easy transition between web pages, precise positioning of graphics, additional formatting control, easy management of margins and navigation. CSS animations are widely favored by web designers as it has efficient download speed, light weight design and avoids code redundancy. However the drawbacks of using CSS animations are that, it is browser incompatible, degrading accessibility, sloppy and less maintainable code. To put is short, CSS animations are important and efficient depending on your business needs. If the design is done keeping in mind the drawbacks and how to overcome the same, CSS animations are always efficient.

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