Continued from Part-1…


So as you can imagine, while I didn’t change any part of the planned SEO campaign, I was internally excited. And I was personally watching and monitoring the progress of these two websites closely. I was making double-sure that the plan was being followed to the tee. I guess I was just excited and nervous as many people are when truth is promised to dawn ahead of them. I knew perfectly well that my staff would manage this project just like any other project and they didn’t even know exactly what was associated with it – my promise, differentiation and brand value – but I was just excited…


The days passed. The search engine optimization service ran on.


Initially none of the sites were anywhere to be seen. Interestingly and somewhat to my annoyance, I started losing the game. In spite of having started a week later, my friend’s site was the first one to hit Google’s page-2. I was still at the bottom of page-4. And I was biting my nails every night when my back touched the bed in my dark bedroom.


This continued, for a month. He was #11 now, and I was #23. And I still continued fairly, with no change, relying upon my formula. I know how unpredictable SEO can get in the short time frame, so I was relying upon that.


And then, after 48 days that I started, he hit #10 – the first page – while I was at #12 – almost there. It was neck-to-neck. Both of us were offering affordable search engine optimization services (I still offer affordable services only), but my extra piece of smartness was not winning. It was losing, clearly. My friend had managed to provide more successful search engine optimization marketing services to his florist client than I could.


And then he called me up on the 50th day afternoon – “Dude, what happened to your engine optimization search service offer?” I don’t still know whether he had meant to mock me with that skewed name for my offer or whether he was just drunk and friendly, but I remember that phrase till date. I had no answer.


And then, the truth started winning. The 52nd day saw me jump up to #5 straight from #12. He was at #9 now. I was emphatic for the first time. My client wrote to me, congratulating for being on the first page.


I didn’t stop. Interestingly, nor did my friend. His deal was to bring his client site to top-5, so he could not have stopped anyway. My deal was only to get them to top-10, but my client decided to buy my monthly maintenance service.


To conclude, it has been slightly more than a year now. Google Penguin has eaten into half the niche websites on earth. But you know what? My friend’s (who is no longer that close a friend, though we still keep contact) client’s rank keeps jumping between #6 and #8. On the other hand, my client is consistently ranked in top-3. The revenue for my client is expected to be three times compared to my friend’s client, simply because that’s what a top-3 site makes compared to the rest on Google’s first page organic SEO results.


So do you see how significantly even minor matters will count in SEO? The brilliant SEO professional is the one who understands these fine nuances and leverages all, while the regular ones may be good up till a level but never the best

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