Ranking high on search engines is a dream for almost any webmaster running a website. This holds true across commercial, personal, informational and other websites alike. No matter whether you are running an online business or have a brick-and-mortar business with an online presence, you would probably love to stay ranked on top of Google and enjoy the never-ending stream of targeted visitors looking to buy the products or services that you offer.


Enter The SEO Consultant

Many website owners are smart and take the right step. Rather than leaving their web ranks to pure chance or luck, they engage the services of website optimization companies. The job of these site optimization consultants is to improve the position that your website appears on Google when people run search queries.


It is extremely well-known that 92.7% of the total business originating from web search happens from the first page of Google. So, securing a SEO rank that is high enough to draw a number of visitors consistently is a great achievement, and an extremely lucrative one. So if you are leveraging your website then it makes commercial sense to engage the services of professional SEO agencies.
But How Certain Is The SEO Ranking?


SEO rankings are great to have with the help of professional experts. But is it guaranteed that you are going to secure great ranks just because you engaged an expensive provider? No way. SEO rankings cannot be bought or manipulated. And yet, manipulation is the very essence of what many of the SEO companies try to achieve.


These companies try to manipulate SEO ranks by building backlinks that look artificial to the search engines. The search engines thus recognize foul play around your website and eventually slap the site with a penalty. Tens of thousands of innocent webmasters availing the services of professional search engine consulting companies were literally robbed of their online business when Google ran their recent Penguin filter. That was a tragedy, but you should take away the most important message from the mass massacre.


The Core Message

Google ranking optimization requires a deep understanding and carrying out a white-hat SEO process that will retain a stable rank and be built upon strong SEO fundamentals in the longer term. Simply do not let arbitrary web marketing and optimization companies touch your website. Only go for the ones that have deep knowledge about the subject and have been practicing the art over a significant period of time.

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