In my rather long career as a search engine optimization consultant and owner of a (thankfully successful, touchwood) SEO company, I have come across a number of situations that many “ordinary” people cannot even imagine. One extreme example is a class of webmasters who almost refuse to believe that a consultant SEO could ever know anything more about their website’s traffic compared to them.


And then, I have to go into all the explanations of how a SEO expert “knows it all”. At the same time, I cannot ever hope to go into technical details of SEO, as that is significantly intricate and I don’t expect the business owners to understand too much of that. So the real challenge for me becomes to explain everything while saying “nothing” – by that, I mean, by saying nothing about the technical methods.


Any search engine optimization consulting service worth their salt will understand numbers. These numbers will be used to measure and quantify traffic volumes, and the investment associated to attain those traffic volumes. This will strongly correlate with the search engine ranks of the target page(s) with respect to the given (set of) keywords. And this will be further broken down to a set of activities, each of which will play a role in generating the overall search rank.


It all starts with niche traffic analysis. The first thing at hand for search engine optimization consultants is to find out the number and strength of competing pages for the traffic, and the amount of traffic that the client can gain from the top ranks. The competition is the real key. The niche could be easy or difficult to dominate based upon an analysis of how the top-10 competitors have done their SEO.


Reverse engineering the SEO activities of competitors is a fairly complex task. There are tools that will analyze your competitor’s on-page content and detect the online events and activities that your competitor has been involved in for doing off-page SEO. But mapping these factors to SEO impact takes effort and expertise.


Once a fair idea has been formed about each of these factors, the search engine optimization consultant will be able to estimate the time, effort and budget to rank on top of your niche. Many SEO services agencies often offer this as a no-obligation service.


And once your consultant SEO has figured out the numbers and shared those with you, you can now choose to decide whether you have the desire and appetite to go for this niche and start your SEO efforts.


So do you now see, your SEO consultant may actually know a lot more about your website’s SEO potential than you already, with far more accuracy?

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