In a previous article on my blog, I had presented a checklist of to-dos for getting started with SEO services marketing. Over this post and a few more, I shall elaborate on each of these steps.

As mentioned in my earlier post, you need to first pinpoint your marketing plan. There are different ways to market a website. This comprises of online and offline marketing techniques. You need to evaluate them and decide the right way for you to go. We shall start with search marketing – SEO and paid, and follow with online referral marketing and offline marketing.


Online marketing – organic search: Organic search is about ranking your site on Google and other search engines. You need to work hard initially to rank the site or outsource to SEO services marketing companies that will do a professional job for you. Once search engines start ranking your site (which should be easy for most keywords with the top SEO marketing companies), all you need to do is have a small flow of SEO activities continuing on a monthly basis so that you retain the ranks.

Online marketing – paid search: While marketing & SEO go hand-in-glove together as claimed by most of the top SEO marketing agencies, paid search based marketing does not lag far behind also. A number of big companies with adequate budget to invest are deep into paid search marketing. Paid search marketing involves paid listings on search engines like Google and Bing. The benefit of paid search is to start having web traffic right from the moment the advertisement goes live. The drawback is that the traffic comes against payment of money, so if you sales funnel is not optimized enough to make up for the cost then you will be vulnerable to monetary losses.

Online marketing – referral traffic: Another popular way of obtaining online traffic is to obtain referral traffic. Here, your website is linked by other websites with significant traffic. As a result, readers of those websites will click on these links and arrive on your website. You may have to pay some money to obtain the referral link to your website from the other website. The link may be a sponsored one as part of running text, or could be banners or sidebar advertisements being run on the website.

In my experience, search marketing, especially SEO, has proven to be the most fruitful one till date.

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