There are enough concerns in the minds of new webmasters looking for organic traffic to their sites about identifying and choosing the best of search engine optimization services over ordinary ones. There is often a difference in price, although simply because some company is asking for higher price does not make them a better provider. So in this post today, I shall relate to one of my experiences that I rank among the most remarkable ones I have ever had.


I had a close friend of mine who suddenly decided to open his search engine optimization service company. What was unfortunate, almost to the point of violating the boundaries of ethics (I felt), was that he chose to almost copy my service. Well, I would say he had copied my service exactly except for just one aspect. The difference was concerned with the anchor text providing plans for the off-page SEO (backlink) activities.


Still trying to be a good friend, I pointed him that unlike my SEO service offer that I rate among one of the best in the industry today, his would just be good but nowhere close to the best. The single difference in the offer would make the entire ocean of difference in the outcome. He was staunch about it. I don’t know – maybe, as he had a feeling of guilt for having copied my service he was trying to shield himself with that one single difference – just a piece of the naturally defensive human psychology after having committed an error knowingly I guess.


And as luck would have it, he informed me that he had just signed up his first client the very next day. A florist looking for Los Angeles search engine optimization services had found his advertisement on Adwords (he had got his $100 free coupon from Adwords on that day) and had bought it. I said “as luck would have it” because I had started working with a different florist in the same city – Los Angeles – for the same keyword just the week before. I opened my bag and let him know about the deal I had received.


It was almost like a God-sent event – how many times ever in your life would you get to test your hypothesis to this level? Here were two services, with just one difference for all practical purposes, trying to rank for the same keyword in the same geography, at the same time frame. How much impact will that single difference in offer make? What would the process of this search engine optimization and SEO services packages throw up?


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Continued in Part-2…