flat-designFlat design or minimalistic design for your website is nothing but usage of open space and bright colors with two dimensional illustrations and simple elements. This concept of flat design has several advantages. Flat design avoids unwanted distraction for a visitor when using the website. This is because a website must be strongly functional and not just look beautiful. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that flat or two dimensional designs are boring. Flat designs look attractive plus simple and elegant. These designs are often user friendly and many web designers and web developers prefer this style. The websites designed in two dimensional illustrations will look clear, crisp and easily understandable. Flat designs use simple animations, bright colors and icons to give that clutter free look for the websites. Apart from looking every bit professional and functional, these flat design websites also has a fast download speed and promotes readability. This type of design uses simple shapes, sharp images and avoids the usage of shadows, gradients and strokes. Usage of white spaces or empty spaces in flat design promotes readability and is also user friendly. Candy colors are used mostly in flat designs as they add beauty to your website without being too bright.

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