Images and pictures play an important role in graphic designing used in websites or advertising. It is a common trend in people to check out the product which have the images attached with the description. Talking about the newest innovation of vector images, it is made different from the convention imaging. Most graphic designers are using vector images for the advantages they provide with interconnecting points and independent resolution used. Since the vector images are easy to use and design, Adobe Illustrator can be used deliberately to have user friendly experience. Beautiful images can be obtained with a rich output. Scaling the images down or enlarging them is even easier which is one of the best advantage of this product. Using different corporate logo of different size is easier with vector image. Since vector graphics is capable enough to never lose its overall quality on enlarging, it is easy to use it anywhere and almost for every purpose. No overall image distortion is seen while enlarging a raster image. Vector images never get blurry and thus any size desired can be obtained. Editing this variety of image is easier compared to convention images and thus a hassle free job is under control, without affecting other designs.

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